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Today the KDE Community is announcing a new najor release of Plasma 6.0, and Gear 24.02. KDE Plasma is a modern, feature-rich desktop environment for Linux-based operating systems. Known for its sleek design, customizable interface, and extensive set of applications, it is also open source, devoid of ads, and makes protecting your privacy and personal data a priority.

With Plasma 6, the technology stack has undergone two major upgrades: a transition to the latest version of the application framework, Qt 6, and a migration to the modern Linux graphics platform, Wayland. They will continue providing support for the legacy X11 session for users who prefer to stick with it for now. The new version brings the new windows and desktop overview, improved colour management, a cleaner theme, more effects, better overall performance, and much more.


Group-IB's report reveals a 70% increase in the sale of zero-day exploits in 2023 and monthly rentals of vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2023-38831 (WinRAR < 6.23). There is growing interest in ChatGPT credentials to access corporate data, with over 225,000 infostealer records for sale on the dark web. Apple devices are becoming more common targets.

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NIST has released version 2.0 of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), focused on risk management and security for software supply chains. The update includes the new Govern function and tools such as the CSF 2.0 Reference Tool and the CPRT, to assist in the implementation and organizational coordination of the framework.

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Is the onus on the consumer? As much as I hate to say it I am pretty judgemental when it comes to people paying for subscriptions.

While its wholly negative to have this mind set in the modern world is it such a bad thing.

Like if we were all in a Lemmy community swimming pool and 80% of lemmys where pissing in that pool would I be unjust to be mad, my thought pattern here is by people supporting the subscription model will impacts everyone and it goes further than just more subscription only content, it impacts hardware where a lot of iot device and gaming device are less about serving the enjoyable media/useful features and more offering a portal to subscription services which impacts usabilities like rooting, custom ROMs, emulation, general tinkering as now every device has some kind of encrypted lock or circumventing that lock will also attract negative attention from corpos. At what point will consumer PCs start running locked down software with a locked bootloader.

I hope I'm not doom saying just general frustration and concern for what the future will hold. And I'd like to see what the general concus is on the subject

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(hopefully someone with more AI experience can pull this off better but I couldn't get it to replace all of a person's skin with denim no matter how many iterations I went through)

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Do not confuse Open Collective Foundation with Open Source Collective: https://opencollective.com/opensource/updates/regarding-the-announcement-to-dissolve-open-collective-foundation

This is even more confusing because the org behind Open Collective (opencollective.com) is called " Open Source Collective" whereas the org behind Open Source Collective (oscollective.org) is called Open Collective Foundation.

I believe the author here is confused as well

EDIT: I'm even more confused. Links from oscollective.org point back to opencollective.com. 😵‍💫

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This tweet was kinda vague but it got me thinking, what if we got an alternate pacifist ending to Minecraft how should it be? In my opinion I think It would be something that needs ingenuity instead of a fighting challenge you go out of the end island by building a bridge or flying machine you find a structure with unbreakable blocks go through hard challenges that require thinking but in the end you won't find any treasure or regular end portal frames instead you need to craft blocks from a crafting table that was in there, and put them in unusual looking frames, the blocks would be unnamed to signify that you're creating something new something you alone could make and name it you'd probably have the ability to make it into any color texture or shape you like then no matter what ingredient you could make only 12 if you go back and kill the dragon they disappear so you have to make to make a choice, it would be a nice and kinda poetic ending to Minecraft.

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Dear Lemmings,

I deal with several PDF files on a daily basis. I'm still struggling to find a nice FOSS app to edit my PDFs on my phone.

My common needs are :

  • OCR the content
  • merge pages
  • delete pages
  • reorder pages

A bonus would be:

  • edit content
  • fill form, print / send to email

Do you know one which is able to do this?

Many thanks

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Klarna says its AI assistant does the work of 700 people after it laid off 700 people::undefined

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